Friday, June 7, 2013

{more than} friday five 6-7

Just some life as we wrap up May and fly into June... I'm going to call it Friday Five, just don't count past five. :)

Memorial weekend was a blast and a whirlwind. Josh's parents were at our house for a couple days, he preached Sunday, and then I headed to Des Moines with Jordan after church to enjoy some time with my family. Jordan had some fun firsts.
first road trip just mommy and Jordan this year
first road trip front facing
first time sleeping in a big bed for night
first bath with a cousin/ first bath with jets
first s'more

A lot of time each day at nannying is spent swinging. I thought he loved swinging in my lap prior to asking to swing on his bottom on his own (which I think is what helped him learn to hold on well!), but boy does he LOVE to just sit and swing! And he loves to go high - always asking for underdogs!

Josh is playing basketball weekly again this summer. Jordan went with for the first time and he went crazy running, throwing, chasing, and running some more. He loves "baskegall!"

In an effort to maximize his amount of time spent in motion, he figured out how to land on feet most of the time instead of crashing when going down the slide. []

Jordan will sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as long as you let him, but would never watch much else... until Toy Story 2. He's so in love! :) 

He's obsessed with singing "you got a fren' in me!" right now, and it's adorable. My favorite is when he does a mix of: abc's, Jesus loves me, and You've Got a Friend in Me.
Part 1: []

Visited the new Bug's Life exhibit at Children's museum. And rode the carousel for the first time. Amazement!

Finally bought him some regular sunglasses his own size. He's a fan.
Watching a snake. Then he almost grabbed it!
Sleeping through the night is still rare, but 2-3 hour naps happen often. So thankful for at least one or the other!

We are learning about strong willed, or spirited, children. Jordan most definitely fits the category. It's reassuring to know that we are not crazy in thinking our kid is different, and that we didn't make him the way he is, and most importantly, how to help him foster that spirit for good and God!

God is taking me through a lot of heart changes. If you want a little glimpse you can check out: FaithfulnessWorth It, and Surrender. As God works more, I hope to share more, and encourage.

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