Saturday, June 15, 2013

friday five (6-14-13)

This is my last post with a one-year-old. I cannot believe Jordan turns TWO next week!!
Josh had MAD [Music and Drama] Camp this week. His only camp this summer, for which I'm thankful since his life is crammed between school and ministry these days! Maybe next year I will actually get to go again :)
So happy daddy's home!

My parents came at the beginning of the week, and Josh's mom came for the end. And then Josh's dad had to come to Omaha for a hospital visit, so he got to hang out, too! It's fun that the Nanas have summer free-time since they work in schools. I absolutely love the help they provide, and we all enjoy the fun with them!

I am so very thankful my dad likes to help me get house stuff done, especially with Josh so busy. This time he (I helped, too!) cleaned the gutters, trimmed trees, fixed the microwave, and still had time to take care of Jordan all morning through naptime one day.
"I go upa yadder [with] Papa!?"
Cleaning gutters. Jordan went to the cellar door because only going up two rungs was not satisfying enough.

We are getting to know more of our neighbors better, and are enjoying spending some more time with one family who has littles. On the same note, we finally got his pool out this week. Love, of course.

Jordan got another kind-of major owie this week... Tripped on our front steps and got a good scrape and bump - exactly in the same spot he split his head open. He still barely cried, and as soon as Nana put a cold wash cloth on it, clamored off my lap and said, "That's better!" :)
Just another side affect of him constantly being in motion, and usually running at 50000000% crazy ;)

I love these three boys.
As you can see, in this capture I'm helping Jordan up on the tire swing, so the three
conductors can  pull their train whistles. (with lots of train whistle noises, of course!)

Jordan's Notables:
New phrase: "Stop talking!" He first did it when Josh's mom and I were talking, with the microwave going, while he was watching Mickey and it wasn't very loud. He's said it multiple times since then and I'm working on helping him say, "Please be more quiet" or "Please stop talking." ...But it's not working yet :)

So many scrapes and bruises. SO. MANY. But they barely slow him down and sometimes I don't even know when or where he got them because he doesn't always cry. Boy, boy, boy. :)

Two bottom molars are making their way up into his gums.

Teething = strong need for mommy.

For quite some time now he has been over-using the word "need." Still working on understanding that want does not equal need, and saying "need" does not equal get :)

High chair is completely out of the picture. It's been just sitting there as a threat for a little while, I finally just put it away. He'll now sit in his "helper" (don't call it booster, it's different ;)) at home, Praise the Lord, but just loves to sit in a regular chair. Except he will never actually sit, on his bottom or knees... I'm not exaggerating when I say he is moving 99% of the time :)

He wants to grow up too fast... this time it's wanting to ride a bike with training wheels like the big boys. No satisfaction on the bike without pedals for him!

His most used phrases are: "I need [whatever he wants at the moment]" and "I don't want it." He has such a cute inflection he uses with each one, too!!

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