Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ocachutober's almost over

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of {mostly} fun. It was so busy I seriously almost forgot to be thankful for all of the joy-filled moments we got to spend with family and friends we love! 

At the end of last month, when Jordan asked when grandparents were coming, I told him October. He never forgot. Each time grandparents came this month (multiple times, yay!), he'd say, "It's Ocachutober!!" 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

feelings are not dictators

I deal with a lot of emotions and feelings, being a woman and taking care of littles every day. Last week I shared an article on facebook along the same lines of many I've been sharing lately - motherhood is hard and full of imperfection, and that's ok. This one in particular was about loneliness in the long hard days of moms at home with littles. A friend commented, "Motherhood must suck." I responded, "Lol, not a chance! Somebody has to do the dirty work of raising Godly children and our next generation in general!" That is the truth from my heart. But as I spent most of the next morning overwhelmed, frustrated, and at the end of my rope, I thought, "If I really feel as I expressed in that comment, why do I have so many days like this?!" I left the boys playing in the living room just before lunch, to get things upstairs ready for nap after lunch {each in their own space, with a designated toy set, because, whew, we all needed that! :)} and I just cried out to God, venting my frustrations, wondering what to do with my feelings, and how in the world to care for the boys in love despite some negative feelings in my heart.