Thursday, April 24, 2014

quick tip: little socks

Today I have to share a tip with you that is quite simple, yet quite profound: how to make laundering, folding, and not losing smaller socks an easier task! I'm sure many out there already have good systems, but I felt this worth sharing for those in need :)

When I was pregnant a couple friends shared that their washing machine had to be worked on by a repairman because a little sock escaped the basket. While this is not common, it can happen! Therefore, I always put my son's socks in a lingerie bag! I have discovered, though, that this not only protects the washer, but it makes everything easier!
  • When socks come off, they go in the bag, reducing loss. (Often socks just end up in the laundry hamper and I put them into the sock bag as I sort laundry.)
  • When socks move from washer to dryer, then dryer to laundry basket, they stay in the bag, reducing loss!
  • Since we line-dry in the summer, it also makes that easier, all the socks are right together to clip up easy-peasy without digging, or getting flung into the grass when I pull a shirt out of the basket.
  • When folding clothes, the socks wait in their bag, not getting lost or flung in the shuffle.
  • For those with multiples, each can have their own sock bag if they don't share socks. Less sorting!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

february/march madness

The busy-ness of life has been quite overwhelming for me lately. Part of it is legitimate busy, part unnecessary. Lately I've been spending a lot of extra time on saving/earning a little more money for our family. Also, really working on ways to de-clutter and better organize/run our home. With our jobs, Josh's seminary classes, and the extra work I'm doing (and the time I waste doing nothing online when I could be sleeping...), well, it's been madness at our house this semester! :)

It has been exciting, though, as Josh and I both grow personally in our relationships with the Lord and each other in much-needed ways. I in my Bible reading, and both of us in prayer. As we are becoming better disciples of the Lord, it helps our marriage, and I believe our parenting, too.