Tuesday, April 15, 2014

february/march madness

The busy-ness of life has been quite overwhelming for me lately. Part of it is legitimate busy, part unnecessary. Lately I've been spending a lot of extra time on saving/earning a little more money for our family. Also, really working on ways to de-clutter and better organize/run our home. With our jobs, Josh's seminary classes, and the extra work I'm doing (and the time I waste doing nothing online when I could be sleeping...), well, it's been madness at our house this semester! :)

It has been exciting, though, as Josh and I both grow personally in our relationships with the Lord and each other in much-needed ways. I in my Bible reading, and both of us in prayer. As we are becoming better disciples of the Lord, it helps our marriage, and I believe our parenting, too.

But I know you mostly want to catch up on the subject of our "adventures in parenthood"...So, how about a barrage of pictures to catch up on February and March!

The remainder of February:  

Some more fun things to note:
Stopped in front of Famous Dave's, Jordan says, "Hey what's that over there?" Me, "A bear statue!" Jordan, "Oh. I think he will eat that man out of his car [referring to the vehicle that just pulled up next to us]."

He likes to get up on his own as soon as his wake-up light switches on, and often play for a little bit or even get/start trying to get breakfast. He usually comes in for me to take his diaper off, and sometimes he brings toys into our bed, but we usually get at least a few more minutes (up to more than 30 a couple times!!) of sleep/rest. We haven't had any large disasters occur yet :)

I feel like I've noted before, but he spends time basically every single day driving his Mickey ride-on car around as a firetruck. With his fireman hat, his fireman boots, and now a broken belt, as his "sprayer." He zooms around fighting fires. Last week he added a spin move, in which he rides as fast as he can across the living room and spins his car around the other direction in one swift move without stopping.

We visited the dentist with the dad I nanny for and the boys. The younger two (Miles and Jordan) got to observe, and then ride in the chair and have the dental assistant count their teeth. They are so excited about the dentist - win!

Thanks to his love for these LeapFrog/ Scout videos that are on Netflix, he knows most of his letter sounds along with his letters now.

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