Thursday, April 24, 2014

quick tip: little socks

Today I have to share a tip with you that is quite simple, yet quite profound: how to make laundering, folding, and not losing smaller socks an easier task! I'm sure many out there already have good systems, but I felt this worth sharing for those in need :)

When I was pregnant a couple friends shared that their washing machine had to be worked on by a repairman because a little sock escaped the basket. While this is not common, it can happen! Therefore, I always put my son's socks in a lingerie bag! I have discovered, though, that this not only protects the washer, but it makes everything easier!
  • When socks come off, they go in the bag, reducing loss. (Often socks just end up in the laundry hamper and I put them into the sock bag as I sort laundry.)
  • When socks move from washer to dryer, then dryer to laundry basket, they stay in the bag, reducing loss!
  • Since we line-dry in the summer, it also makes that easier, all the socks are right together to clip up easy-peasy without digging, or getting flung into the grass when I pull a shirt out of the basket.
  • When folding clothes, the socks wait in their bag, not getting lost or flung in the shuffle.
  • For those with multiples, each can have their own sock bag if they don't share socks. Less sorting!
THEN, to make it easier for littles to pull a pair of socks out of the drawer, and to avoid the dreaded over-stretching of elastic from folding the tops down together (and, again, reduce loss)... I pair socks by putting one inside the other!

Here's a photo example of what I mean. It's not as easy for some people as it is for others, I've learned from experience, so I will provide step-by-step! :)

  1. Grab a sock with thumb at the toe.
  2. Grab other sock with other hand, and open top (using middle finger from other hand to help). Stick toe of first sock inside second.
  3. Use thumb to push first toe almost entirely into second. Tug on ankle with other hand to help.
  4. Pinch toes of both socks together while tugging ankle to straighten. I like to leave the inner sock sticking out a little so the pairing is noticeable and easier to pull apart.
  5. Done! Do it again.

*Side Note: The photos are actually of the socks of the boys I nanny! They have such fun colors right now, and I never remember to take pictures when I do laundry at home :)

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