Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ocachutober's almost over

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of {mostly} fun. It was so busy I seriously almost forgot to be thankful for all of the joy-filled moments we got to spend with family and friends we love! 

At the end of last month, when Jordan asked when grandparents were coming, I told him October. He never forgot. Each time grandparents came this month (multiple times, yay!), he'd say, "It's Ocachutober!!" 

Papa Russell came for a quick stay, to visit a family friend at UNMC {You can be in prayer for Masssiel & her battle with Leukemia and read more here}, and got to go with to the Children's Museum.

We got to enjoy some time outside at a friends' house in the country, cooking things over a fire, in a bounce house, fishing for rubber duckies, wearing glow sticks. It was fun to get away, and Jordan enjoyed some fun firsts!

Nana Klein and Kirsten came for a few days, and we enjoyed Huskers, shopping, playing "boat" in a giant cardboard box, and lots of giggles. So thankful they came, thankful for how much they love Jordan, and thankful they went shopping with me (I know, it was a huge sacrifice ;))
making shopping fun with Nana

Dear friends, Craig and Abby, who now live far-ish away, surprised us and stopped on their way home from Abby's parents'. We hadn't seen them since before they left for Africa for short-term mission/student teaching last year, and it was such a blessing to see them for a few minutes, and to see in person how their sweet son has grown!

Nana and Papa Russell came for a few days, and I took Friday off. 
Neither of them were really ready to be awake Thurs afternoon ;)
We used a few buckets full of apples picked from the neighbors, plus a bunch on sale for $0.77/lb to make: 
2 quarts + 4 pints of applesauce
6 8-oz jars of apple butter
2 apples worth of dried apple slices (which are already gone :))
helping and sneaking apples
laughing about the "apple poop" coming out the end :)

We revamped the entry way, all with things we had on hand! Boo-ya, budget, and THANK YOU, dad! It was so fun to watch Jordan help and watch Papa as he worked, too.
he didn't even move when I came out to check on them. so. intent. on. watching.
watching them work through the front door
Took out the awkward, didn't-really-fit rack and added a shelf to the top coat rack,
hung the smaller coat rack for Jordan,
and built a small shoe rack that is already mostly Jordan's bench.
Jordan loves playing with them and their cooler as much as ever. Such memories being made!

Jordan loves cars and garages, especially the firetruck garage, so I made him one out of milk cartons. He decided it was just a garage and didn't want to paint it like a firehouse, and has been using it every day. 

We went to an actual pumpkin patch that sells pumpkins for a great price, but all the bigger pumpkins were gone already (note to self: go earlier next year!), but we got a bunch of free little ones! Josh made me stop at 10, ha! So then we went to the "pumpkin patch" we have gone to the last few years, on the lawn at First United Methodist Church. Jordan loved it, and we got our big pumpkins.
Trying to put a little pumpkin in his semi trailer

Josh and the youth kids held a talent show to raise money for their mission trip to Costa Rica next summer. It went well, and a lot of fun was had. Thankful for the youth and thankful for my hubby's work with them!

I even had some pretty crabby, ungrateful moments amidst all this. And tried to justify them. Some simple prayer time with Jordan one afternoon helped turn my attitude around and reminded me to not take such joy for granted. :) Going over it all again to share and remind me and set my attitude for another busy week, working extra hours! [I also sat down to write out some plans and goals for this season of life. I operate extremely well from lists :)]

More things to not forget :)
Ocachutober + Huskers + uncle Joshy = happy boy!
  • Jordan loves to go shopping and to the store these days. It still befuddles me, but I don't dare question it!
  • He still loves to be rocked, and snuggled. And I am SO thankful. 
  • We are still working through potty training, since we basically started over when we realized he was trained to go when we took him, but not self-initiate... which is not potty trained :) I know how to fix the process from the beginning to do it perfectly with the next child, now! (ha!!)
  • He's super excited about fall, leaves changing colors, and falling off the tree. Also, wearing jackets and coats and hats and gloves... good thing!
  • He really had to wear his Husker jersey last Saturday, even though we didn't play, because it was football Saturday. I promise, we don't even make it a huge deal, he can just tell it's something daddy loves, and he loves all things daddy.
  • He likes to be "big like daddy," "wear shorts like daddy" (athletic shorts at home), "shower like daddy" and always wants "daddy's drink" (gatorade) and "daddy's gum."
  • He's starting to really use his imagination as he plays with his toys, and he's killing it with puzzles where the pieces actually connect to each other. 
  • I haven't kept track, but he only doesn't know a few letters now. Seriously, his memory is better than mine.
  • He is still wanting to just sit and play or just lay and play more and more often. Molars or just getting older, or both, I like it! ~
Sitting and playing trains after church 
Whhaaaat?! He stayed "playing like a baby" like this for multiple minutes.
And then sat up and played in the same spot til lunch. His molars were hurting, but still!!

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