Friday, November 8, 2013

november's here!

We got to flip the calendar page last week. We all love the calendar flip, to get to look at a new set of pictures and see, from last year's pictures, what kinds of things we are going to get to do this month! :) That morning, though, Jordan asked us to flip it back. He's really been enjoying costumes and pumpquins a whole lot, and the October page was full of them. I think he equated turning the page to being done with those things... so we flipped it back :)

The Omaha Children's Museum has a new exhibit upstairs. Right up his favorite alley right now: Things That Go! Last week he spent 95% of our time there in the city bus.
Lining up cars, playing in the camper, taking a break on the bulldozer, and driving the city bus.
Fall and leaves are still high up on his radar.

I totally love carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. Josh totally does not, but he still participated this year :) Jordan did not like the pumpkin guts, but he was a huge fan of the pumpkin carving knife and the roasted seeds.

Costumes make everyday play so much more grand!

Our church does a Trunk or Treat for community outreach each year. We had a good time and it's an easy way to "do" Halloween!

My main goal for November is to get back to working out regularly. I had a spurt of it not too long ago, but I've been inspired the last week as I way overdid it on pumpkin seeds and candy, I gotta fit into some jeans, and I'm determined for it to not be the bigger ones!

I'm "mama" again, instead of "mommy."
{Last week} He doesn't want to be rocked near as much and wants to snuggle so much less lately. I'm not ready for him to be done with those things!
{This week} He really wants mommy to lay down in his bed with him before he goes to sleep. I like the comfy snuggles, but not to much the tiny prods from little limbs ;)
He has been eating full, normal meals lately. It's so abnormal for him, but I don't dare question it! :) I can already see his cheeks getting chubbier :)
Some major improvements in kindness, kind words, asking before taking, and saying "no thank you" have been witnessed interspersed throughout the day.
Current favorite songs to be sung before sleep: "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul,"  "Amazing God (Indescribable)," and  "Jesus Loves Me."

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