Monday, December 2, 2013

30 days of thanks

I love reminders to be thankful. I love all my friends' thankful statuses throughout November and decided to combine mine into one post instead of posting every day. So here's my 30 days of thanks.

1) Thankful I get to work and take care of my son each day, and for a family I love.

2) Thankful for the days of good toddler sleep, like the last two days of sleeping well AND sleeping in, to balance out the rest.

3) Thankful for avenues of saving money and making a little extra money.

4) Thankful for family days.

5) Thankful for an understanding husband that I can be real with, live life with, and learn life and love with.

6) Thankful for tv shows to relax and escape reality once in awhile.

7) Thankful for mommy bloggers to encourage through the joys and trials of full-time mommyhood.

8) Thankful for Friday afternoons when Josh picks up Jordan from my work and they get special time together. Jordan anticipates it every week.

9) Thankful for all the household items that can become toys.

10) Thankful for my church and our Pastors; for their hearts for the Lord and desire to serve. Also for our praise team.

11) Thankful for Christian radio and worship music, and for how much our son loves both!

12) Thankful for my parents, my parents-in-law, and my close friends, especially for their encouragement and support.

13)  Thankful for all the appliances that make my life a little easier.

14) Thankful my little two-year-old has such a sweet, tender heart. Gentle hugs, snuggles, and kisses after getting wisdom teeth out today; wiping my tears with his lovey, hugs, and singing me "bless the Lord, oh my soul, oh my soul... feel better mommy?"

15)  Thankful for our house!

16) Thankful for the library and Jordan's love for books.

17) Thankful for modern medicine, specifically having my wisdom teeth out with "ease" and the medicine to help ease the pain after!

18) Thankful for the multitude of lessons my almost 2.5-yr-old has already helped me learn, about God, His love, and about how to live with love and respect.

19) Thankful that for most of my time nannying with 3 kids within 22 months, I have had all 3 sleeping at least a little at the same time most days. Sanity.

20) Thankful for the cross. For forgiveness. For grace and mercy new each morning.

21) Thankful for the internet. It can be a huge downfall for me, but it makes life a lot easier in many ways. 

22) Thankful for the way my boys joke and have fun, for the ways Jordan "teases" and tells jokes already.

23) Thankful for pictures to preserve memories, and the ways I'm learning to sometimes capture less and treasure more.

24) Thankful for a spouse to share child-rearing with.

25) Thankful for a hubby who helps with the cleaning.

26) Thankful for Jordan's love for learning. For the questions even when they drive me crazy!

27) Thankful for new life. Two new nieces and a new nephew this year, plus friends having babies, too. Ahhhh, tiny baby love!

28) Thankful for my family! For siblings I love and get along with, for wonderful parents, and for the joy we experience when we're together.

29) Thankful, also, for my in-laws. I love them so much, and am so thankful for how comfortable we are together and how much we love and enjoy each other.

30) Thankful for Christmas season and what it means we get to celebrate, and to experience Jordan experiencing it for the "first" time [that he can really remember] this year! :)

Didn't include, but need to... I am so thankful for friend neighbors and our church congregation!

Now really working to continue to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness! 

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