Friday, December 6, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

Jordan spent the week with a really bad cold, but time and joy with family was so wonderful!
On the way to Uncle Joshy's: sunglasses at night, playing with his travel potty seat.
Newborn baby sweetness.
Josh meeting Hadley. He stayed home with sick Jordan when I visited the hospital.
Playing toys with Kate. Love how gentle and sweet he is with animals!
Wanted to read Bible like Papa :)
Breakfast shenanigans.
Yes, it's actually a picture of mommy. Recently new shirts and first skinny jeans + boots.
I actually felt cute! :)
Festival of Trees and Lights to benefit the Children's Hospital
So many gorgeous trees! I asked which was his favorite for his vote card...
He thought for a split second and turned and said, "The green one!" 
Also got to ride a cute little train.
{We watched it go one full ride, then got him a ticket. He waited in line, gave his ticket, climbed in the caboose, pulled the door closed, then started bawling. Daddy rescued him and through tears he declared, "I want to ride in the front!" When he got inside he realized the bell ringer was not in every car, and he knew he wanted it from watching before, when he closed the door, he thought he had sealed the deal! lol! We waited another round and then he rode in the engine :)}
finally some cousin time! short and sweet.

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