Sunday, March 10, 2013


A word weighing heavy on my heart lately is faithfulness.
What does it mean to be faithful?
To God? To my spouse? To my child? To my faith? To worship? To my heart? To my job? defines faithfulness as: "true to one's word, promises, vows, etc. | steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant: faithful friends."
My Bible defines faith as "reliance, loyalty, or complete trust in God" and faithful as "firm in adherence, utterly loyal; those who practice faith."

Our pastor shared a quote last week from a Genesis commentary, "You and I have our life and our salvation and our hope of eternity because of what God has done for us in Christ, and the only way this world will ever come to know the salvation we know will be by way of our faithfulness. God expects us to be faithful." And today reminded us that Faith is belief + action, and asked what walls need to come down in our lives to move us to action. {I love when messages "coincide" with what's on my heart :)}

Faithfulness is not dependent upon circumstance or convenience. God is absolutely always faithful to us, and requires the same of us.

I must be faithful to my Heavenly Father first and foremost. To completely rely on Him and trust in Him (and His faithfulness to me). But do I remember that God expects me to be faithful to Him through being faithful in every area of my life? To doing the best I can as wife, mom, nanny, and being faithful to being Christ to my husband, son, and boys I care for. To taking time to fill my heart with as much love for, and knowledge of, the Lord as possible. To finding time and ways to worship {choosing faithfulness to reading my Bible over facebook!}. When I'm tired, when I don't feel like it. To faithfully live and faithfully love.
Then... out of all that will pour more faithfulness. And out of that will Christ shine through me.

Faithfulness is always worth it. Take some deep breaths, and with each one, think about choosing faithfulness. Think about who/what you're putting faith in, and to whom/in what your faithfulness lies. About what walls need to come down in your life to move your beliefs to action. Faithfulness is always possible, and it's always worth it.

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