Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five 3-8

As another week wraps up I am reminded... the weeks go by SO fast!
A gal I follow on facebook posted, "Have you spent time today doing something that you love? If your answer is no, I encourage you to reevaluate things. Life is too short to be miserable." I am so thankful that every day has at least a few moments that remind me how much I love being with my sweet boy! I even do things for myself sometimes, too ;)

  • The Bible miniseries premiered on the History Channel last Sunday, and our church is preaching along with the passages that are going to be portrayed each week. It's so neat to see the Bible brought to life in a different way. Even more neat to watch with my hubby, as he can help me know which things are being portrayed correctly, which are a little off, and what they missed. I caught a few things, but not near as much as he can! I also enjoyed the thoughts he posted during the week. Check it out here.
  • I did much better this week reading my Bible! I was encouraged as I watched the first episodes of the miniseries mentioned above and was actually able to recall/compare more details than I've ever remembered before from the passages I've read so far this year. Taking on the reading as a story this time around is helping me immensely!
  • God has been laying the word "faithful" on my heart lately. Processing a little yet, and putting together a separate post :)
  • We realized "microwave" was not Jordan's first three syllable word. But, I'm pretty sure saying "quesadilla" fully and correctly this week is his first four syllable! :)
  • Awesome quotes:
    -After nap Josh brought Jordan out to see me (I was gone all morning running errands), and he looked down at my cute patterned shirt and told me "ooh, pretty!"
    -Jordan picked up my phone to pretend to call someone. His usual is "Hi [Nana or Papa]. Ok, bye bye." This time he said, "Hello, daddy? Miss you. Bye bye."
    -He says "Bless you, mommy," when I sneeze.

We like to play in the dryer. And though I'd love to say he loves to snuggle warm laundry in there,
he never actually slows down that much outside naptime... he was avoiding a potty break, lol!
Putting my headband on & being crazy one morning.
{If only you could see how cute he is in his undies here ;)}
We thought the evenly-spaced stickers were pretty impressive :)
Some shoes we got before he was born finally fit. We love Robeez for him, and he loves to wear them.
Need to get the next size at the consignments coming up!
2 things: concentration on a mission & cutie preppy outfit - striped pants, state mvp hoodie and new shoes. :)

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