Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five 3-22

Although I hope you know by now, I feel it important to put forth the reminder that all the things on this page are of the positive/mommy brag nature, and the nitty-gritty, or even {dare I say?!} negative, has been left out on purpose. Focusing on the positive, and sharing those joys with others is the goal of Friday Five! :)

  • Josh preached on Sunday. I LOVE listening to my husband preach. (If you want to listen to him, you can here!) I love listening to the Lord speak through him. And, of course, he spoke to my need for faithfulness in this time of my life. Maybe more on that growth another day :)
  • Josh's parents were in town for a conference over the weekend and got to spend some time with us Sunday night/Monday morning. Jordan adores having his grandparents here! And his grandparents love taking him to the zoo!
    Then, I talked my mother-in-law into spending part of her Spring break with us. So thankful for her help!

"Nana, come! Push." {He wanted everyone in the crawl space, of course! ;)} 
We let him pick up stuffed animals, hug them, and put them back.
He pulled all these little ones down to hug all at once, laying down to snuggle them, then sitting amongst them. Lol! 

  • He really loves to practice counting. He can count with one-to-one correspondence to six (every once in awhile seven) when he's not distracted! But if you ask him to count he says {very quickly!}, "One, two, three, nine," or this week it moved to sometimes being, "one, two, three, five."
  • Jordan likes to take pictures with my camera and phone. If he does it by himself it's not usually pointed at what he really wants a picture of by the time he pushes the button. But he loves to choose things to take pictures of, then I help hold while he takes the picture :)

  • Last week Jordan started shouting, "Go... GO!" when I stop at stoplights. I always tell him I have to wait until the light turns green. Thursday he said, "Go... GO!" Me - "Honey, I can't! I have to wait until the light turns green." Jordan - "Go! Light turn green!" :)
He loves sleeping on the big bed at nannying, and I finally got a picture! 

More things we never want to forget, and never remember to write down {til now! :)}

  • He loves to notice "different" somethings. Two pictures of the same person-"Different daddy!" Two blankies-"Different blanket. {or} Puppy. Different puppy!" Pointing to multiple Mickey stickers-"Mickey. Different Mickey!" He almost always says it excitedly, too.
  • "I have it! I have it, me!"
  • "Me some, me some, me!" - Usually in regards to wanting lotion.
  • "I fall down" - this has been in his vocab for quite some time. But now we have to fall, too. As do all of his toys. Especially off his black table.
  • He can now get to his favorite counting game on my phone completely on his own!
  • In addition to picking out daddy's favorite crayon, red, he can pick out Nana K's favorite, yellow.

Oh, no! I just remembered something else I want to include. So, I guess you get "six" today :)
The family I nanny for ordered a small playground, and it was assembled this week! Our summer life just improved greatly! It was super chilly, but we went out to christen it after nap anyway. They LOVE it!
Making the inaugural climb.

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