Saturday, April 6, 2013

friday five 4-5

  • We more than survived busy Easter week, and the weather was beautiful on Resurrection Sunday. Jordan also lifted his hands in worship to Jesus for the first time. He did it because mommy & daddy do it, and daddy didn't realize what he was doing as Jordan lifted his hand slowly, looked up at it, and then giggled at him. But when we were listening to Big Daddy Weave this week Jordan raised his hand the same way again, and we talked about how we do that to "praise Jesus" or "praise the Lord." He lifted his hand again and said "praise Je-sus!"

He loves dressing up. And he loves his alligator shoes.
All matching completely unplanned. Cassie's mom made the bunny ears for her grandson & Jordan :)
  • First Easter egg hunt & basket from mommy & daddy

  • Another week, another zoo visit :) This time was his first visit to the butterflies! He was more interested in the water. Then he saw birds on the other half. "Hear birds! See him! Hi birds," he says :)

Lying down among the lion statues, to avoid going home.
  • Jordan can pretty much climb the "rock wall" on the playground at nannying. Which means he now realizes he can climb more furniture to reach higher :) 
  • We finally went out for a date night again, to celebrate Josh's birthday! Jordan was oh, so very excited because this time Pastor Paul and Anne came over to put take care of him and put him to bed. He'd love for us to do that at least every week, I'm sure. Pastor Paul is just behind his Papas in his favorites list ;)

We visited daddy at food pantry, and Holly gave him the ears. Then he got to open an Easter basket.
It had a cookie in it, and I let him have it. This is his smile of joyful thanks :)
Our pack of 100 glow bracelets for cheap (thanks bargain emails!)  finally came in the mail :)

More things we never want to forget

  • He loves to say "Thank you" and often uses it at the right time to actually thank us, but part of the time just says "Thank you! Welcome." Probably from all the times I've modeled it for him saying both :)
  • He loves to run, saying, "Set, GO!" [run, run, run, run, run] "Stop." [wait 1 second, then repeat].
  • Sticks are SO fun to push through the lattice work around our porch :)
  • Into sitting in the big chairs again, but just can't sit still or leave his dishes on the table. Learning is messy! :)
  • His "morning, daddy" when I carry him in to snuggle daddy in the morning makes me smile every time.
  • He loves listening for noises. He informs me every time he hears one, and loves to label it if he can. He especially loves listening for birds and dogs outside. Then he looks around for them, and if he can't see them, sadly informs me, "See him? Far away."
  • He can operate my phone well enough to completely call people on his own. Thankfully it's usually daddy, or I catch it in time to end right away.

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