Friday, April 12, 2013

friday five 4-12

I am loving how God is revealing a lot to me that I need to work on as a wife and mom right now. Hard change, but good change. Soon I'll share my heart on "surrender" as well as some of my favorite things I'm reading right now. But for now, here's my positive look back on our week!

  • We started off with a date night Friday night. Jordan was in heaven as Pastor Paul (and Anne) came over to take care of him and put him to bed. They traded off to Josh's parents, who watched Jordan while we went to the Spring Game! It was so great to have that time together away, and Jordan loved seeing some of his favorite people, and getting a little spoiled by Nana & Papa K, of course.
Picture Papa texted us during the game: drink break with Nana at the park
  • We've visited the play area at Westroads Mall a couple times, now. Our chiropractor is across the street, so it's fun to go the the chiropractor {and fun to hear Jordan try to pronounce it!}, get a sticker {little boy, not mommy & daddy}, and then go play for a little while! Should've done it more during the winter!
"Lay-e-bug, lay-e-bug"
"oooooh! flowers!"
"crawl tunnel, mommy!"
  • Jordan would list his favorite thing from this week as getting to watch lots of tv. I gave in to the sweet pleadings of my little sick boy a lot! It was nice to have extra down time a couple days {really, just "not-quite-as-crazy" time ;)}. Mommying and nannying when I'm sick is just not fun, so the tv time was for me, too!!
He actually laid down with me a couple times, for a few minutes at a time!! I loved it!
  • Jordan got to see my parents this week, too! My mom had a doc appointment Thursday so they came Wednesday afternoon. We ate chipotle together with daddy Wednesday night {a plus for everyone :)}, and Jordan went to the bathroom without an insert for the first time! I don't bring it to nanny, and forgot to stick it in to have when we went out, but he did well! Simple joys of parenthood :)
    Nana also bought him a new piggy bank since his had an accident. He is ecstatic about his new "pee[g]-ee-bank" :)

  • We paid off our second school loan since making and sticking to a strict budget. Debt freedom, here we come!!

More things we never want to forget:
  • His growing language is my favorite. He now says things like, "I don wan it" {which I taught him so he wouldn't just scream NO at me!} and "it's" statements: "it's raining" "it's very cold" "it's dark!" "it's too bright".
    Thursday night: "Me some me some me, lotion? I nEEd it!" (I give him a tiny bit.) "Little bit. That's all."
  • He loves to use "him" - "call him" "see him."
  • He's starting to be more aware of his actions to others. When he hurts in frustration, I can now see a look of concern on his face for the other person.
  • He likes to say, "I need it." 
  • Mickey's Alphabet might be his primary alphabet source... Yesterday he said, "A, B, C, D, Goofy!"
  • "My own space" is an important phrase with 3 toddler boys. Jordan loves to use it, it's so cute!

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