Friday, April 19, 2013

friday five 4-19

Some weeks are better than others, but no matter how many frustrating {and seemingly overwhelming} things happen, there are always positive things we can focus on in our lives! When we focus on the positive, more positive seems to overflow... if you haven't tried it along with me yet, do it now! Think about a few positive things that happened in your week!

  • I dropped my phone twice in one day last week without a cover on it {you'll never guess who loves to take it off, and lost it this time ;)}. The touch screen went insane... no good! But this week, I FIXED it! Well, in the process I broke it more by cracking the lcd, then I fixed that, too :)
  • I went to another consignment sale. This may seem boring to you, but I just love them! I got what we needed: jammies and a couple "church clothes," aka button shirts for Sundays. I also got a little wooden table for $5 and a backpack. We have the table I fixed up, but it's lower, to stand at, this one he can sit in a chair at. I imagine doing fun school-y things at it :)
    {If you know of someone getting rid of those cute little wooden chairs, or wood puzzles, we would like both of those things :)}
  • Phrases like "that's my daddy!" and "teach kidzabout Je-SUS" {in response to: "we won't see daddy tonight, it's Wednesday, he'll be at church." I usually tell him daddy won't be home because he needs to teach kids about Jesus! This time he told me.} were almost too much for me to handle this week; so cute!!
  • I successfully made a batch of cookies with my three favorite helpers. It took most of the morning, lol!! But it was a perfect rainy/snowy day activity. Also, after 30 minutes of refusing lunch because he wanted a cookie, Jordan learned the lesson that we eat healthy food first! Don't worry, I didn't deprive the children, we all ate cookie dough right away (these have no eggs/dairy :)). 
    {For the record, Justin (almost 4)  was a super helper, Miles (26 mo) helped some and did great watching some, Jordan... made a mess, was into everything, and was not a fan of watching, but there's only one way to learn! :)}
    I have a picture of one batch of sweet success, but I'm slightly sad I missed capturing the three cuties on three tall chairs pulled up to the counter!! We'll just have to make cookies again :)
  • Jordan has always loved books, but he does a lot more just sitting and looking at them again now. I'm excited to get him to the library soon to check out new books! We're practicing borrowing from Justin and Miles first :)
Sitting on the footstool in his room, instead of in my lap! Silly goose.
(The phone I was borrowing has a bright flash that lasts forever, he wasn't a fan.)

Fighting off the ear infection that hit Sat/Sun.
Ear infections make even the most active toddler seek a little extra rest.
We play with playdough pretty much every day now.
He actually loves to play with it  with the other boys, without my help finally!
Today was extra fun, we finally got creative and used something other than "playdough" toys.
Jordan & Miles were big fans of tiny train imprints.

More things we never want to forget:

  • Continuing on with loving noticing every noise and identifying, now usually by saying "Heard dat?" He cups his hand to his ear so cute, and now adds, "Listen!"
  • Still can't quite get that "4" in counting. He walks around saying "one, two, free, five!!" all the time. Also, he can get a few numbers when we count backwards. This surprised me! Reminded, yet again, he's listening!!
  • Tonight he sang "Where is thumbkin" with scarily accurate pitch. ... "Where is thumbkin? Here I am! [mumble] Run way!"
  • He loves to sit "nexta you."
  • The last couple days he has randomly run up and hugged me, and said "hi, mommy!" or "love you, mommy." Favorite moments of being a mom.

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