Friday, June 13, 2014

may flowers

Gotta catch up before Jordan turns THREE next week!
[Ironically we have some pretty "May flowers" that Jordan obsesses over, but I don't have pictures of them :)]

Umbrella crafts ushering in the sunshine after a row of rainy days!
I rearranged and sticky-note labeled his drawers. We are all benefiting from this!
Best benefit is that it helps him get dressed on his own much easier!
(He has since colored orange on each one ;) )
HeWe made: egg, tiny caterpillar, a nice green leaf, big fat caterpillar, and beautiful butterfly. 
I found teeny-tiny abandoned baby bunnies with eyes not yet open.
Nana & Papa Russell brought corn on the cob and steak. First of the summer.
He was so excited that he took a bite of his while he was helping my mom wash them!
I super love clothes hanging!
"one more reason the clothesline deserves a comeback: I believe they're good for your soul. Seriously. I love standing outside, in the fresh and sunny weather, hanging up laundry. As I do my laundry, I watch my kids playing in the yard, I hear birds in the trees, I feel the breeze. ... Hanging clothes outside is a simple act, but I love it because it makes me slow down." (why the clothesline deserves a comeback)
Mother's Day loves.
Jordan did most of the painting, and we made these for me & the grandmas for mother's day.
Kroc Center with grandparents = super duper blast.

Papa split time with us and Nana, who had neck surgery.
Bluetooth headset = long conversations with grandparents :)
Quick visit from Nana & Papa Klein. We all loved fun in the park included a picnic :)
Every once in a great while I make a fun snack :)
T-ball fun. Jordan is a hoot to watch. He is not interested in anyone trying to "help" him. 
We had friends over who have this sweet baby girl. Jordan gushed over her big time.
The pink baby is like that as he insisted she take this toy of his home with her.
Both our baby radars are on high alert a lot lately. SOME DAY!
Singing, dancing, jumping, and running in the rain & puddles. Love warm rains!!
50-75% of our time outside right now, the boys climb up and swing down from the steps
The bigger 2 nab the tire swing with their feet and swing on down.
Jordan's pretty proud to jump down from the top rung :)
Worshiping in the living room with these two on guitar is a wonderful thing.
He LOVES to help us mow :)

A few fun things I actually remember to note:

Jordan's love to sing continually grows. He can carry a decent tune and he loves praise and worship music. Girl singer = mommy song, guy singer = daddy song, both = family song, hehe!

He knows many of the words to most of the Wee Sing Bible Songs... there are 63 of them!!

Josh, "What's that voice?" Jordan, talking in a baby voice, "That's my baby voice. That's how I communicate." Ha! We love his extensive vocabulary.

He still pronounces computer as "computerator."

Adult conversation frustrates him because he wants to know what you're taking about!!

He can get dressed and undressed by himself!

He's super excited to turn three.

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