Thursday, May 29, 2014

april showers

I have been super way behind on posting on our blog more often than not this year.
I finally... FINALLY... got myself to slow down a little. I'm feeling more alive and human most days, thank goodness! To turn the tv off more. To get off facebook (thanks StayFocused and RescueTime!) I've been reading my Bible almost every day [so close! :)]. Two weeks ago I actually started exercising again. I've been able to hang almost all laundry for weeks now [as this blog post says it: "Hanging clothes outside is a simple act, but I love it because it makes me slow down"]. I'm going to bed earlier. I'm not chasing so many deals for price matching/ couponing.

But, I've also been a lot more tired. We are potty training for sleep time. I know some people say just wait, but Jordan wanted to be diaper free, and is making great progress. And it's kind-of helping with the almost constant small amounts of pee in his bottoms that we were having. My favorite part about this sometimes-disastrous-feeling choice to night train now, is that a lot of the above stemmed from it. It all started with the necessity to go to bed earlier and so many more things followed suit! [Side note: maybe a public apology to my husband for my extra crabbiness resulting from my sleepiness couldn't hurt. ;)]

We have a hard time turning off tv and computer at our house when Jordan's asleep, but that's slowly changing, and I love the way it's changing our family dynamic, too. We also have been sharing even more home responsibilities as I work more hours. So thankful for all Josh does to help, even when I gripe that we have so much yet to do on a small or big scale :)

I'm starting to see the ways God prodded these changes to help rebuild my foundation for where He's leading us. As I now more actively seek to let His blueprint for my life story guide my steps, I'm trying to more actively make corresponding changes. Slowly but surely patching the foundation, trying not to look too far ahead but focus on just what I can do now. [See the beginning of my quest to better let God build/write my story here. More coming with May :)]

Now on to catch-up pictures so that I can continue to preserve our family adventures on this blog! :)

We totally love the park, and his love for pinecones didn't diminish over winter.
Loves to duck under the bike rack. He says, "jup, jup," (like "au jus" but with a "p")
[We got a helmet the next day, and he rides faster now - makes this scenario even more fun to watch!]

Husker Spring Game
We love to go, especially because we get to go with family and friends! (friends not pictured, oops!)
picture he made with daddy, on his own, then told Josh what each was:
Jordan, mommy, and daddy on the left; heart in the middle; helicopter on the right
we LOVE puzzles. These larger floor ones are his fav and he's a pro at them ;)
Easter egg hunt!
Annual Easter selfie with mommy. 
Dyeing eggs. He had a blast and did all two dozen rather rapidly!
One morning he just wanted to lay in bed with us and read.
We had no problem with some extra rest ;)
He loves to use "his" umbrella in the rain. This photo - be still my heart!
Guitar from a church friend. He enjoys it a lot, and likes to lead worship like daddy :)
Oh, and every time,"You can sing, too, mommy. Because you're the pastor's wife"...? ;)

I wish I had some of his extra cute sayings to include, but I didn't jot them down, so they are forgotten! Thankful we experienced the moments, even if I can't remember them and didn't capture them! :) I can say with certainty, though, most of them were super silly.
Just a couple notable "things" to remember [that I can actually remember at the moment :) ]:

He's obsessed with squishing bugs, but has been convinced we can let some of them live, outside, where God created them to live.

He wants to fix everything by, "If I was big I would whack it with my wand and it would ____ [whatever we'd rather have happen]." Anything - even the city bus delaying us minutes for work, "... I would whack it with my wand and it would move out of the way." He got the wordage from Justin and Miles, who have read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and mention the White Witch's wand :)

Josh likes to sing our favorite songs with what we're doing at the moment or silly words replacing the real words. Jordan most definitely loves to do the same :)

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