Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Five 2-8

There a lot of things that take up too much time in my life, that I need to watch more closely. Replacing facebook time with blogging about the highlights of our week has been so good for me! Darn facebook.

  • We went to a small second birthday party for the second born of the two I nanny. I have cared for him basically since he was born minus maternity leave (though only part-time now). Sometimes the three so close can be so overwhelming, but I love them so much!
Happy Birthday, Miles!
First day with back after maternity leave (7.5 wks, 6mo and 2), and today (19mo, 2, and 3.5).
On that first day back, I could've never imagined them all sitting in their own chairs at the table :)
Playing with birthday balloons in the windowsill
Sometimes, they get along and can play in one space together ;)
  • Jordan started saying, "One more time" as soon as I even pause when singing to him before bed. I have to sing "one more time" 4-5 times before I finally say, "one more time," and he knows it's really the last. :) Did it to daddy, too! So precious.
  • I used my Dave Ramsey cash envelopes for the first time when shopping (we didn't get them started last month when our new budget kicked off). It was SO exhilarating, LOL!  I think it will help a lot to use them. 
  • I met with two mommy friends at Panera after church on Sunday. It's so hard for me to let go and get away, but it's so good when I do! God blessed our time together and hopefully it will be a regular thing.
  • God has laid a lot of things on my heart lately, as a wife, mom, and Christian that need improving. Focusing on the positive and time management are two things we really need to work on as a family... And I feel like we're making progress. As hard as it is, it also feels good to allow change!
Jordan Five:
  1. Started being honest when asked if he needs to go potty, instead of "no" followed by a fit most of the time, even if he really needs to go :)
  2. Starting to walk up and down stairs standing up and holding the wall or railing, like a big boy. 
  3. Counted to ten randomly (skipping the eight). {}
  4. Jordan: being crazy instead of eating.
    Daddy: stern look, "Jordan you need to eat."
    Jordan: continuing to laugh hysterically, "I FUNNY!"
  5. Laying in the pack n play after nap for awhile (my desperate attempts at getting him to go back to sleep ;)...), the last two days he started naming Mickey characters. "Mickey, Mickey Mou[se], Daisy, Minnie, Goofy, Don[d]ald, P[u]uto." 
Until next week! :-)

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