Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Five 2-16

Another week of focusing on the positives. I have a few negative emotions, especially as I spent some quality time with my sweetie in the middle of the night last night ;-) But I love using this to focus on the positives! I almost thought, "Do I really have five this week?" Then, as usual, I had to choose only five! Yeah!

  • Made dinner for some friends this week, just because, then took it over and spent some time just chatting. Much better use of my time than mindless TV and Facebook wandering. So much more fulfilling, too!
  • Finally sat down and made the cards for my menu calendar. I've been doing great about planning the week for a little while now. Two weeks ago I only half-did the menu and I was surprised it added quite a bit of stress to my week! Time spent meal-planning is so worth it!

  • So thankful to have my parents in town for a few days. House projects - check, a little reprieve from childcare - check, Valentine dinner date with my hubby - check!
Finally done "shunning" Nana ;)
Snuggling post bath
  • Jordan's favorite activity this week has been the microwave at nannying. He loves to put his puppy and a random toy in, then cover with "this! this, mama!" (that's how he asks for me to reach the cover for him), and then pretend to turn it on. At home, potato head prevails as his primary entertainment, though running water would if we allowed it all the time.
  • Jordan loves Nana and Papa D's cooler every time they come. This time is no different! Fill it up, Papa empties it, fill it up, climb in....
Getting some good use out of the cooler, and pom poms we made him for his first birthday, too :)
My super favorite Jordan thing this week? He is really trying to learn "me." He got "I" down all on his own some time ago, but we've been trying to help him learn "me." He's catching on to how to use it, but not when... he just tags it on to the end, like, "Do you want the blanket?" "Blanket, me." :)

Roaring at the lion statues on Monday.
Bracelets and rings for all three little boys, lol! They loved threading the hearts on.

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