Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five

In an effort to blog more and update those who care more often, I'm initiating "Friday Five." Always fun to think back over the highlights of the week, too :)

  • Sharalee finished a 10-day health challenge and lost 1.5 inches in the waist and 4 pounds. Woot! Someday you can see my before and after pictures of this fun process!
  • Jordan had slept through the night a couple times again since getting better... Then back to 5:45 am wakeups the second half of the week. I wish the sleep training book we went with when he was little went through toddlers... Don't want to buy another (book, that is). Thankful he actually went back to sleep this morning, he needed the little catch up.
  • Josh got the list of books for this semester. As usual, so few classes, so many books. School will be under way again soon, so we're making the best of our extra time right now... Getting caught up on NCIS. :)
  • On Sunday we did church and afternoon/evening at friends' house, no potty accidents! Tomorrow will be two weeks since taking his diapers away and we all Love it! :)
2.5 days nakey bottom to start potty training :)
  • We are getting a deep freeze, but had no outlets in the basement for it. A friend installed one for us, even using mostly his own materials, costing us $5 total. God is so good and provides so wonderfully!
Never thought I'd be so happy to see an outlet ;)

Favorite Jordan phrases this week: "I pee potty!" "I did it," and "Pick up, mama!" (in his super sweet voice, even if he fusses right before and after saying it, with his arms lifted up. preciousness.)


  1. I can't believe he is already nearly potty trained! How exciting!! :)

    1. Oh my word, we're still in shock about it, ha! He's in diapers for sleeping and still has to be watched for signs he needs to go and prompted most of the time, but I'll take it, especially so young! We chose a "method" and I kinda had my doubts (though not much reason to)... But I have no doubts about it now!

  2. congrats on the potty training! that's so awesome! what method did you use?

    1. I think I'm going to do a little post on it soon, if not I'll be sure to let you know otherwise!!

    2. I know I've got a while, but I'd love to know what method you used too!