Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 in Review, 2013 - Something New!

A new year! How exciting!
I know, it's been 2013 for 22 days. But I'm just now getting around to writing my first post of the year :) My goal was to get it done in January, success! A little look back and forward!

2012 was another exciting, busy year of our lives. Some of my favorite highlights:

  • Our sweet baby turned ONE! And had a fun football birthday with our family and some friends.
  • I started nannying part time instead of full time. 
  • Josh started seminary.
  • Jordan started the year with his first army crawls and ended it running.
  • Jordan had 2 teeth to start the year, and 16 to end it! (And managed to chip one, we have no idea when.)
  • We got a zoo pass and put it to good use! Definitely renewing this year :)
  • I started sewing a lot more! Still a novice, but excited about the projects I've been able to complete.
  • We started Financial Peace University (finally!) and are underway with a super budget and currently paying down school debt.
  • I lost some baby weight, then gained too much back, then was motivated by my best friend to step up and work on becoming healthier. Thanks to healthier food choices and Insanity workout program, we're getting there, together!
  • I started meal planning weekly consistently, and upped my couponing and price matching. A little extra effort is going a long way here! (And now we just got a deep freeze, more learning and more saving!)
  • Part way through the year we created a goal to add one new meal to my repertoire a month. (Succeeding :))
  • Jordan grew out of his dairy intolerance, and then his soy intolerances!
  • We made all our own bread when we were soy and dairy free, and found we couldn't go back to store-bought bread so we still make our own. We make whole wheat now, though!
  • Jordan had countless bumps and bruises as he continues to live life at 110% energy.
  • Jordan got better at playing on his own. His favorite is blocks.
  • Jordan's vocabulary went from minuscule to massive. Our "little" boy speaks in phrases and uses "I" and "my" correctly, with words we didn't even teach him to! (I still can't believe this!) 
  • Jordan developed a strong love for Mickey Mouse clubhouse... he can name all the characters. :|
  • But, at least he can name all our immediate family members, too - balance? ;)
  • Jordan weaned himself from his last nursing time, night, on New Years Eve.
  • We battled lots of sleep issues, but made it out alive ;)
Up for 2013 (Including some goals!): *So far we're sticking to goals well!*
  • Read through the Chronological Bible. I want to read through the Bible at least every other year now!
  • Babysitting a little for the family I started caring for in college and stopped when Jordan was born. Missed them so much! The extra money helps, too :)
  • Continue the track to better health, and lose some more weight and inches :)
  • Stick to our new budget.
  • Get more sleep. Not everything has to be done right now... I think ;)
  • Completely potty train Jordan, including nap and night. He's officially daytime trained commando right now!!
  • Commit to more dates as a couple... and less time on separate ends of the couch on separate computers at night.
  • Stick with my motherly and wifely duties when Josh is in the thick of classes.
2012 Photos to go with list: (Some favorite photos by month below!)

Here's a nice slideshow of some favorite photos from each month!

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