Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here I Am, World, I'm Great

Recently God spoke to me through a show my sweet boy likes to watch, Wonder Pets. Seriously? Yes, indeed!

There is an episode where Ming Ming duck decides to try to save some animals on her own (instead of the usual teamwork) and while on her way she sings a sweet song, ending with the line, "Here I am, world, I'm great!" Well, in true fashion, at least one line from every show watched has to be stuck in mommy's head, and that's always the one from that episode. The thing is every time I sing it in my head I sing, "Here I am, Lord, I'm great!" As I stood doing the dishes singing the line to myself one day, I realized... There is a HUGE difference between those two lines! Then God asked me, "Do you know the difference? Do you live the difference?" Yikes. I thought about it for one moment before a little boy came toddling in the kitchen, yelling, "Mommy!" and asked me to pick him up to dance to Me Without You by Toby Mac on the radio. :D

We watched the episode again a couple says ago and this time as my version of the line went through my head, God brought to mind the words, "well done my good and faithful servant." That really is my true goal, to hear those words... I just lose sight of that more often than I ought. Instead I make tons of "worldly" goals for myself.

I suppose it all stems back to my desire to be super.
The question is, who am I trying to be super for?
I do a lot of things with the mindset of, "here I am, world, I'm great." It's ok to be great in the eyes of others, but it should be because my work to be great for God first pours over. I have a feeling I'll find a lot more joy that way, too. ;)

I must not forget the teamwork, either,which is the premise of Wonder Pets. God does not want us to struggle alone, we are a team with Him, and we are a team with fellow believers. How often do we forget, and try to do it all on our own?

So easy to say, so hard to change my ways. Working on it.

And now, to give you a smile, I present Ming Ming duckling! :) He loves her, loves saying her name, and loves quacking like a duck. I love him!

He even had a cape like Ming Ming for a little while!

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