Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is the stuff...

I love to think about and share stuff that drives me crazy and the stuff that makes me smile. Life is full of both - and we have to find ways to deal with both! (If you haven't heard This is The Stuff by Francesca Battistelli, you should go listen to it now:

Having babies and lacking sleep go hand-in-hand, right? If you didn't know that already, now you do... I bring it up because it is something that people decide to remind Josh or myself of at least once a week. Although I appreciate the desire to relate to us and share from their experience, it is becoming something that drives me crazy! We definitely, 100% know that we are going to get less sleep when our son arrives, and as much as we appreciate the reminder and know people with caring hearts just don't want us to be surprised, I have much appreciated and enjoy much more people that share more positive aspects of having children with us! Two great sources: the 2 moms whose children I care for. Both of them have taken special note to share with me that having a child brings such joy. Yes, we've talked about lacking sleep, but more-so I have been told (and get to experience some now) the joy of the firsts, the cute baby things, the cute baby looks, playing, and of course, smiles (which I've mentioned before, I love!!). I have also been told about the joy that can be found in poopy diapers, messy feedings, and added laundry - knowing that the sweet child you created is doing what he/she was created to!! How awesome!
Anyway, as Josh and I try to wrap our minds around the changes that are going to come with our son's arrival, I love having some positives as mentioned above to focus on. Yes, we will be tired, but we will lose sleep because we get to care for our son. :-)

Something that's driving me crazy in a different way is thinking about the labor and eventual delivery of our baby. We definitely are praying daily and would love your prayers as we prepare for this. We are taking classes with the Bradley Method ( provides a good overview if you're interested!) and are learning a lot and feeling more prepared now than we did before, yet also less prepared as we find out how much there is that we don't know... But we're learning about those things and how to handle them as they come. I love experiencing these classes with Josh and as he initiates discussions about different things I am encouraged by his interest in our son's entrance into this world. I also am glad he is the coach and not me, as he remembers things much better than I do!

I also have some stories and pictures to share from experiences that certainly have made me smile with the boys lately. It is inevitable that I end up worn out taking care of two under two while pregnant, and it is overwhelming at times, but again, I am working to focus on the positives and the things that make me smile. Two Fridays ago we had our first outting to eat lunch with Josh at our house. We made it through, and now I know we can do it! Also, Justin was reintroduced to Josh after not having seen him since summer - he was totally afraid of him, but more aware of him :-)
This last week we were going to venture out again, for lunch with my parents and Josh, but to avoid some hassle and make things more simple, they came to join us at the house for lunch instead! To prepare Justin a little better this time, I showed him pictures of my parents and of Josh for a couple days and taught him their names. Sometime I must record Justin saying "Duane" and "Barb," it is SOO cute! He loves to say Duane the most ;). Justin was much more comfortable with Josh by the end of his time with us, as evidenced by the picture of them playing together. We also enjoyed reading some new books my parents bought, filled with different animals to name and make sounds for. He was comfortable enough to give my parents hugs "nigh-night" before heading up for his nap. Yay!
We also got out to enjoy a couple walks in the double stroller on the nice-weather days. Justin absolutely loves going out for walks, and Miles seems to really enjoy them too - I am so glad! It was definitely adorable this week when Justin interrupted his early morning play time right after Miles finished his bottle to grab his & Miles' jackets and ask to walk, moving the door and saying stroller.

We had fun watching the rain this week too, especially when we couldn't go out for walks. We went out and felt the rain, touched some small puddles to feel the water, and watched the rain on the window. Justin was very content to sit in the windowsill and watch the rain (and the birds).

I must also mention that one of my favorite parts of having these fun stories to tell is that as I tell them to Josh, he is noticeably more interested and actually enjoys my stories much more now than he used to. It makes my excitement for our coming child that much greater as I experience the beginning of Josh's transition from "just" husband to father! I've always enjoyed watching him with children, but he's much more interested in them now, and that's even more fun :-).

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