Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nursery Fun!

So I wanted to post a little bit of the progress of the nursery!

We got the furniture May 9 and the dresser came as one piece undamaged, but the crib headboard was damaged. :-(
Giant boxes!
Damaged :-( (had chunks missing like this on both ends)

They sent us a replacement crib, which came May 20, and we switched out the headboard for an undamaged one, yay!! We put the crib together and are just waiting for a mattress (thank you Mom & Dad Klein!) :-) A special "thank you" to a family whose children I've cared for that bought the crib and dresser for us!!
We finished it!
Getting out the replacement headboard!

This weekend I also was able to find just the right bookshelf to use for storage & to put a rod next to for a makeshift closet, since there is not one in the baby room. I got some additional baskets for the storage and a changing pad & cover so our dresser/changing table looks more complete!

We also ordered the rocker on Friday, and it came Monday (thank you Mom & Dad Russell!!). When I woke up from my nap, Josh had put the chair together for me! Yay!

So we've gotten lots done and I'm excited to do more! Josh is even enjoying the preparation for baby, though I'm wearing him out with having lots of projects and doing lots at once :-) But it's making the fact that we're having a baby even more real and making us even more excited for his arrival!!

Some more fun photos :-)

All the trash and recycling from the dresser & crib :)

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