Friday, January 24, 2014

friday five 1-24-14

Two weeks of family joys might be more the norm now. I can't seem to keep up with weekly, as you know, and I'm okay with that now! :-) I'm going to go with five for each week this time!

  • Bedtime reading and snuggles are something we will certainly miss someday. Though I am sure the reading will carry on much longer than the snuggles ;)
Josh took this picture of the monitor one night while Jordan and I read in his bed. 

  • I started a post last week that I never finished... added another couple lines and finished today - on what most of our days consist of lately. Check out all in a day, before you go on ;)

  • My oldest brother got married. We had such a wonderful time celebrating them and being all together as a family again so soon! Jordan was pretty overwhelmed (in his words, no joke! who taught him that?!), his favorite was escaping the crazy - the three older cousins really enjoyed escaping together under the table at the rehearsal dinner and reception. We enjoyed that while it lasted as they were contained and content! {Also, I kept him from interrupting the very small, intimate ceremony by streaming netflix on mute on my phone. For the win! Haha!}
Toddler party under the table.
Me & my siblings at the reception
Jordan's "grin" face is the best. We practiced in the mirror before rehearsal and he loves to do it for pictures, now :)
So excited to welcome Nicole to our family :)
  • When I have to work Mondays, Jordan gets a special daddy day, usually going to the zoo. We will definitely miss such easy, fun trips to the zoo someday, and I know Jordan loves going with daddy :-)

  • Circling the things he wants to get from the sale ad, just like mommy. Except he circles everything ;)

  • He still loves cars that have parts that open, and putting "babies" inside. The boys I nanny got some recently and he puts them to good use :)

  • Jordan made all these, and then put them up on the ottoman to display to me.

  • I'm going through what I have deemed "stressting," or, stress resulting in nesting-like tendencies. Also, I've just been really wanting to bring more organization to the chaos at our house and declutter. Here's the result: {I didn't take before pictures because I rushed into each one, and just took pictures after to show our moms! ha!} Now for all the harder, larger rooms...

Reclaimed the kitchen counters by reorganizing cupboards. Seriously, the only open space was in front of the toaster.
I organized the pantry shelves a little while back, but I finally started covering the boxes with canvas fabric for cuteness! (Yay for sales + coupons!)
Organized laundry/pantry storage cabinets with baskets. 
  • We are walking through discipleship and some spiritual discipline at our church. Josh and I have enjoyed participating in fasting from something for at least a day the last two weeks . For me, my fasting brought on the idea of faithfulness again with strength, with more tangents to explore and tug at my heart. Maybe when I've processed it all more, I'll be able to share. 

  • Boys. Dog Piling. They managed to do it over and over with no issues. Made it even more joyful!

My wedding weekend bed buddy.

Old house + cold winter = crazy frost INside the windows on those freezing days. 
Looking at the outside of our front door.
We enjoy having double new toys to play with as we play at the house I nanny at.
Dressed as an astronaut, screwing together a creation.
We got to have lunch with one of my best friends. Did my heart so good! Hopefully I can visit her after her second child is born next month!

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