Friday, January 24, 2014

all in a day

The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of the same over and over. I think we all enjoy the predictability and familiarity :) But, I realized as we did it all over again today, that I want to remember and share this season. I love the creativity.

Also, in the midst all this we had some terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Ok, so not THAT bad, but enough I was crying most days. But, thankfully, God's mercies are new each morning, and He helps the wonderful, awesome, not bad, very good moments usher in and overpower.

Two giant boxes, taped together on their short ends, makes for a great train! After about three weeks, they don't fight so much while playing together in them. Ha! {Also, they (especially Jordan) insist on bringing SO.Many.Things! on the train. As much from the vicinity as possible. He may get his affinity with "things" from his mama...}
In the beginning, Jordan also liked to have them on their sides, making a "church" with the flaps of the two connected as doors, but the boxes moved around a lot with that, and caused a lot of strife :/

Me - "If you want [that toy], you can ask, "May I please have that toy?"
Child 1 - "Child 2, can I..."
Child 2 interrupts - "NO, no, not right now." Runs away with toy.
(This happens most with Jordan being child 2 ;))

Then, I had an epiphany, remember a phrase we used before....
Me - "Try asking if you can have it when he's done."
Child 1 - "Can I have that when you're done?"
Child 2 - "Yeah, you can have it when I'm done."
Child 2, less than a minute later - "Here you go, I'm done now!"
That was not successful before, but it brings SO much peace now!

Lovies as babies. "In" tummies, being born, rocked, sang to... given voices by sweet toddlers who can somehow make "baby" voices.
Two pretend mommies.
Jordan is getting ready to help Miles' "babies" be born... with the "telescope" (stethoscope).
One of them started that, now they all do it.
I  can't help but giggle silently every time! :)

Energy, energy, energy. I have to remember to help them find *helpful* ways to get it out! Dance parties are usually a great choice. They also love "tag," aka running from the front door, to the back of the kitchen, and back, over and over.
Dance party up high!
They were stomping on the couch, across the toy box and ottoman, to the
other couch, and back. It was killing them not to jump on the couch :)

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