Friday, July 5, 2013

friday five 7-5-13

See our Fourth in pictures, too! :)
  • Seeing the world through his eyes is so fun. Warm summer weather provides more opportunities for this! 
  • We finally had some "old" friends over. So much busy and tired doesn't leave as much room for nights like that as we'd like. It was refreshing! (Sorry you had to sit in the dark while Jordan went to bed!)
  • My phone was lost for a week and a half.  Found in the neighbor's grass next to our driveway. It was off, so it survived two giant storms and me mowing over it! So thankful even though we were already getting new phones. On that note... We worked really hard to earn points to get giftcards from a few different apps/websites we love, so that we could get fancy new phones. A TON of effort resulted in over $200 in giftcards in just a few weeks. Sucess!
  • Bible time in the morning is even more enjoyable when I can do on my porch swing in beautiful weather.
  • Jordan turned TWO. Post to come when I get the rest of my pictures from my MIL.

He loves to be rocked to sleep like this at nap time.
And then I steal some snuggles.

More things we don't want to forget:

Some weeks have more crazy than others.  Like 3 weeks ago, he:

Scribbled on the front bench pad with pen (thank you, Oxy-Sun, for getting it out!)
Licked the bottom of daddy's shoes
Drank water from the basketball hoop plug on the porch
Fell in some form over 20 times. I stopped counting at 20

An example of his memory: "Go church, mommy?" "Not right now, but maybe tomorrow." "Mommy yellow shirt." "This is green..." "Mommy yellow shirt!" "Oh, I wore a yellow shirt to church Sunday, didn't I?" "And you scarf," pointing, "and you neckyace," pointing again. {He was recalling my outfit from Sunday on Thursday!}

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  1. I love reading your reflections of parenthood! You are such an encouragement, and super mommie!!!!! Have another blessed week, with that precious little one!! Love to you. Carol :)