Friday, July 12, 2013

friday five + (7-12-13)

{A few things missed, this week, and lots of cute pictures!}
Things I forgot to include last time because the pictures were on other phones from when I lost mine:
Splash park with Nana & Papa Russell (daddy & papa were avoiding the water ;))
Sitting in Pastor Paul's chair at Cooper Farms for church in the park
Sound check! Singing along with the worship team into his broken, unplugged mic ;)
Helping the worship team practice.
I nannied on a Monday, so we took Justin & Miles along with for our usual Monday zoo visit.
Flamingos  |  Feeding Koi  |  "Wooo woooo!" (parked train car)
We've been married for five years today!! Woohoo!! :)

Josh has VBS this week! Jordan goes to bed too early for me to help, but Josh does the drama and music. Though tiring, he has fun getting his youth to help him and Jordan and I were excited to go see the results at the "BBS" (as he says it) performance tonight.
"I go BBS wif daddy!!"
{Maybe the only time I'll ever get Josh dressed up, too ;)}
Sitting in a Russell family saddle and boots with his woody hat in the last pic :)
We got out the pool Jordan got for his birthday from Nana & Papa K again finally (seriously, is it actually summer or not?!) It was a perfect, hot day, so we even used the sprinkler attachment thing without freezing! To entice him inside for supper, I offered smoothies. Since we were going back out, he only had underwear on... So he helped eat frozen fruit make smoothies in his underwear and the cuteness was overwhelming!! Since I can't share all the half-naked cuteness, here's a crop of his top half after drinking the smoothie he helped mix on the magic bullet. Slightly joyful! ;)

Children's museum visit really helped the lackin' sleep, teeth-hurtin' blues {for more than one of us :)}. We visited painting there for the first time, he was much more excited about the firetruck now that he loves firefighters more, and was super cute wanting to show himself dressed as a lady bug, as well as this tiny snap-together lady bug, to the giant lady bug. We also colored paper butterflies and glued to popsicle sticks. He's been flying them around at breakfast every day.

He can completely go up and down the rock wall without help. He still likes to try to go down facing out, but after scraping his back a few times, he's figuring it out. {Thanks, also, to Justin, he's a great teacher!} I love letting him explore new things like that, even though it scares me. He always proves he's more capable than my fears want to believe :)

On Sunday, after church, Jordan was using the offering plates... writing a "check" on an attendance card, folding it, and putting it in the offering plate. At one point he had three offering plates with one in each. (We sit in the front, so ours is always the first/only check.) I'm so thankful to model giving offering to him, even so little. Now we just need to work on giving more than scribbled attendance cards ;)

Hezekiah's birthday party.
"Wook mommy! It's boo-i-ful!"
Other things we don't want to forget!:
  • New favorite show: Fireman Sam. Thanks Kocina family!
  • Loves to "Go helpa firefi[ght]er!"
His favorite is to ride his Mickey car with blankey on head, aka his firetruck and firehat :)
He even convinced daddy to join one morning!
  • Molars coming in. He's super at communicating to us that his "growing teeth hurt" or needs something to "help my growing teeth." It's pretty cute amongst the pain-induced sadness.
  • Often when he chooses to obey he responds with, "ok, ok, ok" to the direction he's given :)
  • Can count backwards from 6.

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