Saturday, May 18, 2013

friday five 5-17

I skipped last week. Not because I didn't have 5 positive things to focus on, but because I just didn't feel like taking the time to make a post! :) I decided that though it's okay to not post about it, I still need to make a conscious effort to focus on the positives from the last week even if I don't physically list them. I could feel the effects of skipping. As our family seeks to return to focusing on positive more than negative, I'm realizing how much sharing my 5 things with you each week helps!
All that to say... I'd love for you to write out and share the positive from your life with me (in the comments maybe?!), or others, too. Just a thought!

  • Most prominent thing that happened in the last couple weeks: Jordan followed a pillow he was throwing, off the couch, and his head hit a chair, and busted open down to the skull. Rushed to the ER, they glued it, he peeled that off after two nights. But even with glue removed, bumping the exact spot multiple times, and not keeping a bandaid on, it's healing fine, Praise the Lord! :) It was scary, but we were able to act quickly and rationally, and everyone at the ER was quite quick as well (unlike my & Josh's experiences there).
  • Finally had our first Children's Museum visit. So fun! 
  • Got a free playhouse from the neighbors. Jordan loves his "house"/"playground".
  • Birdies on one side of the porch hatched a grew! The mama on the other side went MIA :( 
  • Mother's Day was wonderful with my boys. My favorite part was Josh helping Jordan make a card for me! Sweet surprise. Also, Josh found the perfect Willow Tree Angel, that is a perfect image of me and my sweet boy at nap/bedtime.

Excited for warmth & fun outside!!
Hanging out in the new gift shop at the end of a rainy visit. He chose the kitty hat and put it on :)

More things we never want to forget:

  • He finally has new favorite songs to be sung at bedtime. He went awhile saying "no" to everything we could think of singing :) Now we sing Old McDonald and The Wheels on the Bus too many times to count in a week :)
  • He is very obsessed with daddy's shoes. Occasionally mommy's, but mostly daddy's. His shoes are labeled "church shoes" and "zoo shoes" (click on the links for cute videos!)  |
  • He is very obsessed with playing outside. {Duh! :)}
  • He loves to swing on the normal swing all by himself now. (click on the link for Miles & Jordan swinging. I was so amazed he wanted on, stayed on, and wanted more!)
  • He's always been a bit of a food separator (except when he loved to mix everything together, but then he wouldn't eat it). This week he showed his father's tendencies:

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