Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing so fast

I can hardly believe how fast Jordan is growing. He changes so much in such short amounts of time. It's so fun to see him grow in his independence as well as his abilities! He crawls like a pro. He can pull himself to stand so easily now, and lets himself back down with ease [almost] every time. He can chew food. He can find the toy he wants out of the toybox. He is learning to stop when we say, "no!" He even showed us some great stair-climbing skills yesterday. Such a blessing to get to be with him all day to experience so much of his growing and changing as well!

This picture from yesterday makes me smile every time I look at it... Such a big boy!

My parents got him this toy for Christmas and we got it out this weekend. He can push himself backwards on it a little, but we only put him on to push him around on it, which he loves!, otherwise he gets all giddy just sitting on the floor playing with the different do-dads or pushing it around. I just can't get over how big he looks sitting on it!


  1. Sooo big! I am in amazement at how quickly they change and grow up! CRAZY!!!

  2. He is the perfect looking mixture of both of you! One second I see Sharalee's face and the next I see Josh's! So cute!