Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Wife to Mom

To become a mom, all you have to do is have a baby, right? Oh, so very, wrong. Though that is definitely a necessary first step, becoming a mom is about so much more than just having a baby join the household.

Transitioning from wife to mom happened deep within, in my heart, as I quickly learned that love takes on new meaning when you bear a child, and that it grows so very much so very often. That silly little things my son does bring up so much more love and joy in those moments than I knew possible!

It happened in my attitude, as I began to learn that infants are demanding and leaning on the Lord to help maintain a positive attitude can be the difference between finding frustration or joy in moments with my son.

It happened in my relationship with Josh, as I began to learn how to relate to him and respect him as a father and as my helper. We have to work together, be on the same level, and be in God's Word [separately and together] to be the parents God is growing us to be. So glad that being a mom includes being a wife!

It happened on a [quite intrusive] basic level, as the rhythm of our house immediately changed to follow Jordan's needs and wants. Our schedules and desires became secondary. Our sleep became secondary...

It also happened as I made the decision that in order for me to be the best mom I could be, I really needed to devote more time to just my son, and less time to making money.

Though there are days when I undoubtedly long for a vacation or time off from being a mom, I prefer being a mom over any other "job" that I've had.

Being a mom is different than *just* being a wife, and it is more complicated. As I seek to be the best mom I can for Jordan, to be the best wife I can to Josh, and to, together with Josh, raise a Godly son, a lot of changes have been made and are still to be made. I'm excited for the journeys yet to come!

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