Wednesday, May 27, 2015

baby update! - 15 weeks

For those asking and interested :)
Due smack dab in the middle of November.

How I told Josh:
I found out while he was at a lock-in and set this in the cabinet for him to see when he showered when he got home at 8am. He didn't even notice it in there and I had to get it for him, haha!

We mailed this to the grandparents (Jordan decorated the boxes), mailed just the picture sheet to our siblings. It worked perfectly as we thought it would, grandparents thought I was just going overboard with something cutesy about Jordan being done with pacifiers at first :)

Facebook announcement:

Ultrasound at 14 weeks:
My mom entertaining the boys @ 13 wk midwife appt. Thank goodness she was there, as they couldn't find heartbeat on doppler, then didn't see heartbeat or movement on cart ultrasound at first! Waiting for the dr to come was very hard!
Profile: head on the left, face up
Waving! "Hi Jordan!" (thanks, ultrasound tech, for making Jordan's day :) )

Bump pics so far:

Jordan is in love with the idea. He loves reading books about baby coming and LOVES kissing my tummy. He and the boys I nanny also anticipate looking at the size the baby is each week, and watching videos of what a baby that size is doing in the womb.

"Waiting for Baby" - we read it every day for a couple weeks & he wants us to buy our own copy.

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