Saturday, February 22, 2014

quick tip: receipt organization

I used to keep all my receipts together, in one giant unorganized pile, like I can imagine tons of people do! I filed bills and statements, but receipts were a mess. For multiple reasons, I really wanted to get that under control. My idea may not be original, but I thought of it and it works great!

I simply take random [aka: even if I did decide to continue to scrapbook with all the supplies I bought over the years, I probably won't use this!] 12x12 scrapbook paper, then:
  • fold in half
  • staple or double-side-sticky-tape the ends closed
  • print or write labels for the front. I do two months per envelope; ex: Jan-Feb 2014.
Regular store receipts fit either full length or folded in half (or thirds sometimes!), and full 8.5x11 receipts fit folded in half easily. I store the large receipts in the back, store receipt tape in front, always putting the most recent in the front of the sets. 
I did this for year and it was very helpful, and easy to stick in a box at the end of the year. So I did it again, and will continue until I find something I like more ;) I've already needed to find a receipt for something for taxes from last year twice and it was easy to find the transaction in my personal finance software (Quicken) and then find in the corresponding envelope. 

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