Friday, March 16, 2012


I am so overwhelmed by the sunshine and *perfect* weather today. We were gone over the weekend last weekend for a wedding and when we got home, I realized that spring seems to have a whole new meaning for me this year. I've never been one to really make much ado about the changing of seasons, but my son? He loves outside in this nice weather!

He crawls to the door and pulls up to look out the window, then looks back and yells, saying, "C'mon! Let's go back out!" This first pic is after Josh held him while he loaded the van last Thursday, but had to leave him inside for one load. Jordan stood at the door the whole time. The next one is after we played outside yesterday, he really wanted back out! :-)

The way Jordan yells, explores, and smiles when he's outside invigorates me. It renews my joy for nature, for sunshine, for playing outside, for keeping up the yard. It renews my joy, period! It's even just more fun to have the windows open and enjoy the sunshine when Jordan enjoys it. Sigh. I'm hopelessly in love ;-)

Josh is not really a spend-time-outside kind-of guy, but he sure loves taking his son out. Here are some fun pictures from the other day. Jordan actually didn't hate the grass this time! He would lay on the grass with his legs and arms in the air to avoid touching it the last few times we took him out. This time, he dares to crawl and explore, yay! :-)

Hmm... what is all this stuff?

Testing everything by touching it to his face.

Taking his treasures to daddy.

Okay time to go back outside!

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