Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easy Bib Storage!

Here's my solution, if you don't feel like reading my ramblings :-) Looped a strip of cloth through the top strap holes.

Our house is not very large and is really lacking storage. I've been storing the bibs in with the burb clothes in Jordan's room... it's not that far to walk to grab a bib, but I knew there had to be a better solution for bib storage.

Enter: google.

I found 2 things that could maybe work - 

And one that wouldn't work because our high chair doesn't have any open bars like this:
I decided this would be a ridiculous thing to spend money on, scratch the cute elephant. I could make the little hanging bag with scraps - tuck that idea away. Found a wall peg I could use... nowhere to put it without putting holes in the wall. Okay, maybe I'll do some kitchen rearranging and put them in a drawer - Jordan will enjoy having a drawer to pull stuff out of anyway, right?

Walked upstairs and saw my scrap sheets (lime green curtains in my college dorm that I use as scraps now...) I had cut the top edge of the sheet off at one point anyway, so I thought maybe I could sew it somehow to make it works for bibs. Then I realized, I could just tie it to the chair as is!

Stuck it through the top strap holes and tied a bow in the back. (I'll still be able to use the holes to move the straps up to... but we don't always use all 5-points of the harness anyway! :-/)

Hm, I don't want to undo the velcro for each bib to put it away. Ah! Untie the bow, slide bibs on, retie bow. Easy as pie! Since I launder bibs with the velcro closed anyway I can put them away easy like this every time! 

I'm pretty excited :-)

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